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Ph.D. in Physics, Uppsala University

Hi, I'm José Luis . I have B.S., M.S., Lic. and Ph.D. in Physics from Uppsala University. Additionally, I have taught thousands of students at Universities in Brazil and abroad. I'm the Founder and CEO of Aicavity Global , an online community to expand your knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning and Engineering.
During my Ph.D. I have worked with computational simulations to design more efficient materials for energy applications in a joint collaboration with experimentalists. I have also worked as a Research Engineer at Veoneer with tracking multiple objects using LSTM and Markov Decision Processes (MDP).


Research Interests

Multiscale Simulations, High performance computing, hybrid AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Bayesian and Stochastic Methods.

High Performance Computing

Experience with paralelization of numerical subroutines using OPENMP and MPI in C/C++ and Fortran.


Laboratory Assistant, Mechanics - Uppsala Universitet, 2018-2020. Assistant Teacher, Mechanics I,II and Materials Mechanics I,II - UFBA, Devry University, 2013-2016


C/C ++, Shellscript, Matlab, Python, R, Java & Machine Learning/Deep Learning Pipelines (Keras, Tensorflow & Pytorch and other libraries). I will start uploading my github.

Aicavity Education

Founder of a Platform with Online Courses in Engineering and Coding. We provide Hands-on content in multiple disciplines across AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science.

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Free Courses to support AICAVITY activities in Engineering and Coding. (Versions PT and EN)

Einstein, stop telling God what to do with his dice!
— Niels Bohr, Unhappy Customer

I'm involved in the following Research Projects:

Ongoing Research

1. Spectroscopic Fingerprints of H-bonded g-C3N4 building block structures - X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and NEXAFS using Density Functional Theory.

2. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of Ruthenium Complexes in aqueous Environment - Development of new tools to obtain X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy using a sequential approach to evaluate the sensitivity of Ruthenium complexes as catalysers during PCET reactions in water - Monte Carlo Simulations and Density Functional Theory.

3. Modeling and Design of more efficient metal-TMDs heterostructure devices as electrocatalysers for HER and OER. - Tracking potential descriptors to enhance HER and OER activity - Density Functional Theory.

4. Detection and Tracking of multiple objects for autonomous sytems using Artificial Intelligence. - Deep Reinforcement Learning and Markov Decision Processes for an efficient tracking.

Most recent Publications:

1. g-C3N4/WTe2 Hybrid Electrocatalyst for Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Reaction - J. Luis Silva, Barbara Brena, Carlos Moyses Araujo - Published in JPCC (May 2020) - direct link or download

2. X-ray Photoelectron Fingerprints of High-Valent Ruthenium–Oxo Complexes Along the Oxidation Reaction Pathway in Aqueous Environment - Silva, Jose Luis; Unger, Isaak; Matias , Tiago ; Franco, Leandro ; Damas, Giane Benvinda; Costa, Luciano; Rocha, Tulio; de Brito, Arnaldo; Saak, Clara-Magdalena; Coutinho, Kaline; Araki, Koiti; Bjorneholm, Olle; Brena, Barbara; Araujo, Carlos Moyses - Published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2019) - direct link or download

3. Unveiling the interfacial effects for enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction on the MoS2/WTe2 hybrid structures - Y. Zhou, J. V. Pondick, J. Luis Silva, J. M. Woods, D. J. Hynek, G. Matthews, X. Shen, Q. Feng, W. Liu, Z. Lu, Z. Liang, B. Brena, Z. Cai, M. Wu, L. Jiao, S. Hu, H. Wang, C. Moyses Araujo, J. J. Cha, Published in Small (2019) direct link or download

4. Revealing the contribution of individual factors to hydrogen evolution reaction catalytic activity - Y. Zhou, J. Luis Silva, J. M. Woods, J. V. Pondick, Q. Feng, Z. Liang, W. Liu, L. Lin, B. Deng, B. Brena, F. Xia, H. Peng, Z. Liu, H. Wang, C. Moyses Araujo, J. J. Cha, Published in Advanced Materials (2018) - direct link or download

5. Spectroscopic fingerprints of intermolecular H‐bonding interactions in carbon nitride model compounds - Valeria Lanzilotto, J. Luis Silva, Teng Zhang, Cesare Grazioli, Matuš Stredansky, Konstantin Simonov, Erika Giangrisostomi, Ruslan Ovsyannikov, Monica de Simone, Marcello Coreno, C. Moyses Araujo, Barbara Brena and Carla Puglia, Published in ChemEurJ (2018) - direct link or download

6. Hydrated Electron Generation by Excitation of Copper Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance - Mariia V. Pavliuk, Sol Gutiérrez Álvarez, Yocefu Hattori, Maria E. Messing, Joanna Czapla-Masztafiak, Jakub Szlachetko, J. Luis Silva, Carlos Moyses Araujo, Daniel L. A. Fernandes, Li Lu, Christopher J. Kiely, Mohamed Abdellah, Peter Nordlander, and Jacinto Sá - Published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2019) - direct link or download

List of publications

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